February 15, 2010 @ 11:42
by lizmoscrop

Reprieve for Coventry Airport?

The BBC reported yesterday that beleaguered Coventry Airport may have won an extra lease of life. According to the news station, a Midlands-based company is looking at buying and taking over the running of the airport, Coventry council said.

The airport is home to several flying schools, including Atlantic Flight Training Academy, sister company to Jordan’s Ayla Aviation Academy – a powerful force in the business aviation field in the Middle East.

Since the recent financial turmoil at the airport resulted airside operations stopping in December, Atlantic has repositioned its aircraft to nearby Wellesbourne Airport (15 miles away).  The ground school, however,  continues to run uninterrupted from Coventry, where the school also maintains its corporate offices and ground school infrastructure.

There may be good news for Atlantic and other residents though.  Last week, Switzerland-based business support firm ADP pulled out of a proposed takeover deal. However, Coventry City council deputy leader Kevin Foster told the BBC that the new local bidder is looking to become partners with ADP.

He said: “The local partner is still committed and the council will continue to work with it to try to bring this issue to a successful conclusion.”

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