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Only 2% bizav slots booked for Olympics – London gridlock forecast

February 6, 2012 @ 18:01
by lizmoscrop
Despite fears that there will be no capacity at London's business aviation airports for executive jets during the Olympics, it seems that only 2% of slots have been booked so far for the July festivities. Speaking at an event to launch the new Execujet managed FBO at Cambridge Airport, managing director Archie Garden said, "According to the WS Atkins slot booking system fewer than 2% of slots have been booked." This is likely to include the 240 diplomatic flights scheduled to enter the country in July. Of greater concern is transport onwards to the Stratford site. Private aviation users tend to [...]
with Jackie Chan in Sao Jose dos Campos

Kung Fu King takes China’s first Legacy 650

Sometimes life just sucks ;-) My work day yesterday included the privilege of meeting Embraer's brand ambassador Jackie Chan. He was at the OEM's headquarters in São José dos Campos to take delivery of his new 'baby' as he called it. The delivery ceremony was typically Brazilian - upbeat and fun and incorporating a traditional Capoeira martial arts sequence. Afterwards both Jackie and Frederico Curado - Embraer's CEO - danced to to the podium in a spoof Kung Fu standoff for the official gift exchange. Which is exactly why I love the Brazilians. There's a huge sense of fun and energy complementing [...]

The Jet Business takes off in London

Like many in the aircraft sales business Steve Varsano is a pilot by inclination. He has eschewed flying for a living in favour of making bigger bucks buying and selling bizjets. However, his love of technology and all things aeronautical permeates his new showroom in Grosvenor Place London. Doorhandles are designed to look like engine cowls, branding is based on isogonal lines on aviation charts and his business address includes the shop's latitude and longitude  coordinates. He prefers today to sit in the back, as he says, "sipping wine and enjoying the journey." (Just as well he's not in the [...]

EU ETS under fire again from TIACA

September 15, 2011 @ 14:45
by lizmoscrop
Not strictly bizav - but this issue affects anyone who goes up in an aeroplane in Europe. Ulrika Lomas of Tax News in Brussels reported today that the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) is calling for  the European Union to stop pushing through its Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) for aviation and  instead pursue a global agreement of aviation carbon emissions through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Connie Hedegaard, TIACA’s Industry Affairs Committee wrote to the EU Climate Action Commissioner to criticise four key points arising from the upcoming legislation, due to be enforced from  January 1, 2012. Any airline landing [...]

ETS reprieve for bizav?

August 25, 2011 @ 11:13
by lizmoscrop
The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) is promoting the European Commission's new draft of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Monitoring and Reporting regulation, which raises the threshold for small emitters from 10,000 tonnes of CO2/year to 25,000 tonnes of CO2/year. This means that many more Business Aviation commercial and non-commercial operators will be able to report their emissions through the simplified procedure or use Eurocontrol’s ETS Support Facility, as EBAA has strongly been calling for and making the case for the last 3 years.EBAA cautions, "Please note that this does not raise the threshold at which operators have to comply [...]

SyberJet Aircraft Continues the SJ30 Program

June 15, 2011 @ 22:55
by lizmoscrop
  MT, LC the manufacturer of the SJ30 light jet, has announced it will operate as SyberJet Aircraft. Earlier this year, SyberJet purchased the assets of Emivest Aerospace out of bankruptcy. Since the acquisition, SyberJet has moved the Martinsburg, West Virginia assembly line to its facilities in Cedar City, Utah and is continuing its operations in San Antonio, Texas. The SJ30 is the first light jet that can fly non-stop from New York to Los Angeles and non- stop across the Atlantic, giving unparalleled flexibility and convenience for owners. The SJ30’s ability to fly faster (Mach 0.83), farther (2,500 nm), [...]

CAA approves dedicated UK airspace for unmanned aircraft for first time

June 15, 2011 @ 15:10
by lizmoscrop
Places Britain at forefront of £60bn global market West Wales Airport welcomes the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) announcement today that it has sanctioned an Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) for new segregated airspace for the sole use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in West Wales. Set to become operational on 28 July 2011, it is the first time an area in the UK has been designated for this purpose. Centred on the airport, which is located at Aberporth, the airspace extends inland 40nm miles to the east and covers an area of 499 square miles. The new airspace will only [...]
Badger tips his cap to the world

Goodbye Badger

June 4, 2011 @ 16:10
by lizmoscrop
My dear friend and aviation journalist par excellence Brendan Gallagher died a week ago today. I wrote a tribute to him in my capacity as editor of Inflight magazine, (a job he held for many years - huge shoes to fill). You can read that here if you wish. As this is a less formal medium, I'm posting a happy picture of him from a particularly fun trip. I can hear his voice in my ear now...(I'm on deadline for a job). "Come on Betty, stop fannying around, there's time enough for this later." I'll crack on then. Badger - [...]

TAECO becomes first VIP cabin outfitter in Asia

  First big story of Asian Aerospace is that Airbus has appointed the Aircraft Engineering Company Ltd (TAECO) as its first approved cabin-outfitter in Asia-Pacific and eight such centre worldwide. The milestone appointment is an act of courage and faith on both parts and the result of three years of hard work behind the scenes training staff to exacting Airbus standards. TAECO is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Ltd. (HAECO), specialising in heavy and line maintenance, freighter conversion, component overhaul, engineering design,  parts manufacturing and  training in Xiamen, Mainland China. Outfitting business jet cabins, such as the Airbus Corporate [...]

Ray of hope in new European flight crew licensing rules

February 7, 2011 @ 11:53
by lizmoscrop
  Looks like there may be some hope for non-EU pilots and instructors wanting to work in Europe without having to sell an organ to pay for it. . Understandably potential new rules have caused a great deal of concern in the Euro-GA community - and beyond, since as of 8 April 2012 EASA’s Flight Crew Licensing (FCL) regulation will come into force. The European parliament and  Commission voted on the draft rules in mid-December.  According to the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), even if the final text is not yet public, most of GA's initial “problems” seemed to been solved [...]