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Contact - it's such a wonderful word, but in this case it is all about getting in touch. Perhaps you feel an inclination to give her some valuable updates, perhaps her skills are required, perhaps you just want tell her you love her (and why not!), either way get in touch and make contact.

Not one for limiting the number of channels one can get in touch, you can now reach Liz in whatever manner you'd like from this handy page. There's also the option to subscribe, and what an ideal that is. Instead of getting in touch with Liz, she can now be with you most of the time, ensuring you are up-to-date with the latest news, hottest air gossip and important aviation perspectives that will make you glad you signed up.



Fear not the word 'Form', but embrace the word 'Latest News', for one quick filling out of the little thing below entitles you to inbox love directly from Liz Moscrop.


There are answering machines, personal assistants and pagers, and then there is the direct-to-Liz approach via this handy form. Think of it as leaving a voicemail, but in text. You have something to say? Say it!

Thank you for leaving a message