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Farnborough Air Show Day 2- Bruce Dickinson and the Boeing A380

Farnborough Air Show Day 2- Bruce Dickinson and the Boeing A380

July 15, 2014 @ 23:49
by lizmoscrop

Bruce and Boeing

Well, well, well…there appears to be a major world airshow on my doorstep practically and I’ve not mentioned it in my blog at all. There are plenty good reasons, most of which centre on the fact this is a HUGE military and commercial show, and my little sphere of influence in the aeronautical world spans business and general aviation and cabin management for commercial.

Bumped into aviation’s favourite rockstar Bruce Dickinson at the Textron Aviation chalet. He was admiring the new Bell 525, but had apparently been incredibly impressed with the new Scorpion cockpit and was waxing lyrical about its capabilities. Am hoping to interview him (preferably while flying with him!) for my client Arabian/African Aerospace soon.


He’s fairly fresh off doing his dogfight stunt during the last Iron Maiden tour – so would be good to catch up on that, too!

Bruce Dickinson dogfight

Also had a great chat today with Rockwell Collins’ head of digital research Jeff Standerski about the way the industry is shaping up. You can read the results of that in the next edition of Inflight, the magazine I edit, at www.hmgaerospace.com. Essentially, Jeff reckons that connectivity is not what airlines are looking for in Asia today -rather they are looking ahead to when that becomes standard and how they can process payments effectively and sell more stuff on board.


gratuitous totty



Other highlights and lowlights, according to my wonderful friends at AIN, Aviation Week, and Flight Global, who are sweating it out putting together the humungous daily newspapers at the show – are enormous 777 orders,  a sad loss of the F-35, which won’t be making an appearance at the show, and David Cameron’s visit pledging more power to aerospace’s elbow.

My own personal favourites are:

  • Cessna’s Citation X+ has made its European debut after making its first transatlantic flight on Sunday.
  • AgustaWeestland has sold an emergency medical services version of the AW169 to the UK’s Kent, Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance Trust, to be delivered next year.
  • Evektor has secured a $200 million investment from Malaysian company Aspirasi Pertiwi giving the Czech design and engineering company badly needed investment to complete certification of its flagship EV-55 Outback utility aircraft.
  • Italian airframe Piaggio announced a record $370 million order for Avanti EVO, from HK investors Bravia Capital for up to 50 of them.

Other stories that will affect my IFE world are the new proposed 200 seat variant of the Boeing Max 8 and the debut of the Airbus A330 NEO (Air Asia X has already ordered 50 of these). Both are upgrades to already flying types that will require better IFE and CMS. Rockwell Collins and BAE Systems have both scored wins on the cabin and avionics for the new 777X and Panasonic announced it had major success with screening the World Cup live on screen in the air during the games.

Big thanks, too, to Vadim Feldzer of Dassault Aviation, for hosting me at lunch today – alongside several other crazies he’s roped into extreme sports – and to Brandon O’Reilly and Elaine Turner at TAG Farnborough for yesterday’s extremely civilised affair at the Aviator on site hotel. Felt like a proper journalist – larding it about at lunch, chewing the fat with pals and watching the airshow, while others slogged. Singing for my supper now though folks!

I leave you with this  – an image that tickled me so much I had to get the iPhone out and video the movie – the Airbus A380 decimating the Boeing branding – or is it the other way round? 🙂



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