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Osh day sometime in which I win an aircraft

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Osh day sometime in which I win an aircraft

July 24, 2015 @ 15:05



Here’s my video from yesterday – fresh from the Robb Montgomery school of filming – and also wanting to depict some of what I see there on the enormous festival of aviation that is Osh.  They’ve promised me I’ll win the plane in the sweepstakes, so it must be true.

There’s a ton of seaplane news emanating from the show. I have also been quietly impressed with the major turboprop manufactures – Piper, Mooney and Daher Socata – all of whom have been pulling out the stops, upgrading their products for customers, but also encouraging them to fly with customer groups and events.

Here’s the new Mooney M10T with Mooney CEO Jerry Chen, who was gracious enough to spend plenty time with me, plus the gorgeous brand ambassador and entrepreneur owner pilot Jolie Lucas. Another lovely person I met last year and who epitomises the spirit of Osh for me. Mooney have developed the new aircraft in conjunction with Dassault Systemses and also offer a brand new app for pilots to look at their new bird on an iPad. It’s brilliant and well worth checking out when it hits the Apple Store later this month.




Big thumbs up, too, to Daher Socata and Piper, who kindly invited me to their customer events. It’s brilliant to speak to owners and get a feel for what I”m writing about. Piper had exciting news with a big order that went to Vero Beach neigbhours, Flight Safety International for 26 new trainers. Meanwhile the TBM 900 continues to prove extremely popular and we had a great time creating a huge spontaneous group pic of all the girls at the party at the Daher event on Wednesday night.

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Last, but not least, my personality will always out on this blog. 🙂


Am such a child. This tempting offering was in the media centre yesterday. If you’re British you’d understand – both from the puerile toilet humour point of view and um = well the puerile toilet humour point of view. CAC means “poop” in real English, folks.


So here’s Matt Thurber of www.ainonline.com and I packing up our respective tents this morning. As ever, many thanks from me to Jeff Propson of EAA, who kindly lent me his for the duration. Much as though I love Camp Scholler -and I do – I’ll be back for sure next year – I’m delighted to be forced to spend tonight and tomorrow in a fancier hotel in Chicago. You never realised the joys of a one stop bathroom (toilet, washbasin and mirror and shower all in one handy venue) until you’ve camped for 6 nights. The rental car looks like a midden – full of mud and damp towels. I won’t miss the partying kids either. But my body is nagging me to eat something more than sugar and fat. I couldn’t face the chicken at the waypoint yesterday (I use the term advisedly) – though I have inhaled plenty of Brat and fat.

Great to see the lovely Borghi s yesterday – airline pilot and ex flight attendant and pilot in training, who I made pals with last year and are now firm friends.






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