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Oshkosh Day 2 officially. Still riveting – despite the camping


Oshkosh Day 2 officially. Still riveting – despite the camping

July 30, 2014 @ 00:05
by lizmoscrop


“So Liz, how’s the camping?” So goes the question from friends I encounter here. It’s still going on. The Wenzel on 48 has its downsides, certainly, and I’m still hunting for the spa and jacuzzi on Camp Scholler, but generally tis all good, as I”m only there to sleep.


After a bracing shower in the plush facilities, Matt Thurber – roving reporter from www.ainonline.com and I drove over to the site for breakfast and a fascinating programme update from Aspen Avionics, who are going great guns with their retrofit programme for lighter aircraft. Its ADS-B product line now include more options to meet the NextGen ADS-B mandate.

John Uczekaj, president said, “Designed to work with what aircraft owners already have in their panels, Aspen’s NextGen ADS-B line provides an easy, cost-effective path to meeting the upcoming ADS-B Out mandate.”  The kit is available for smaller aircraft, though they assured me they are aiming for larger birds in future, For indepth coverage and more hard news, read Matt’s excellent stuff on AIN’s website. He and Mark Huber are doing sterling work, as is Steve Trimble of www.flightglobal.com.

Then Matt kindly drove me to Target, because I’d lost the cable to the US cellphone I bought. After lots of Faffing around, I realised that I hadn’t, in fact done so, I’d actually tried to fit a micro USB into the headphone port. Reminding me again that lack of sleep and I don’t do all that well together. Fortunately I bumped into Sam Spurdens, publisher of the brilliant www.loop.aero digital magazine at Rockwell Collins booth. He, Josh Baynes and Kelly Holland were sympathetic in that kind of way where I know they were laughing WITH me rather than at me…:) That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

josh kelly liz JKL

Lunch came courtesy of Flight Design, whose C4 is almost production ready now.  The firm announced at Aero Friedrichshafen earlier this year that it and added the new Garmin G3X avionics to its light sport aircraft. Comprising two 10,6 inch  glass displays of the new Garmin G3X Touch series that does not have a TSO approval on its own, but will be certified together with the airframe, allowing for a significantly lower price point with much greater flexibility for future system enhancements and upgrades.

Had coffee with my camping mentors Sherry and Clay Furst (who know how to live the highlife under canvas) and then a fascinating discussion with the marvellous Michael Kraft of Lycoming, who knows how to bring a dry subject to life. One of his key messages is for GA people to stick together in associations to lobby governments to reduce taxes on our sector. He’d also like to see training that reflects the fact we live in the 21st century and analogue cockpits are becoming a thing of the past. That’s him, not Lycoming speaking I hasten to add.

sherry and claycamping buddies

I had a wander and bothered the One Week Wonder guys who are building a plane in a week. They let me rivet away, before heading over to look at the LSA guys. There I found John Hurst, who is promoting the Flight Design LSAs and also Yuneec remote control skateboards. Of course he had a go. And of course he made me had a go. I was a bit creaky, but managed to make a complete pratt of myself while distressing him. (I know I did – he had to watch me operate the iPad to take photos and videos.) He tried so hard to be polite about my inept operation, but I could see the pain on his face…

the buddies sonex some flying cowgirl B24 in a flaplong suffering lsa flightline skateboard1 elegant as ever

I barely had time for a quick scoot around the back of the static and warbirds park, before heading to the media centre. Did not quite finish this up before sneaking into the back of the #oshbash presentation hosted by blogger extraordinaire Dan Pimentel, he of Av8orDan tweet fame. He’s got a bunch of people together from the likes of Aopa, Women in Aviation International and the 99s to work on how to get people flying at Airplanista #Oshbash.

Still riveted…



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