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TAECO becomes first VIP cabin outfitter in Asia

TAECO becomes first VIP cabin outfitter in Asia


First big story of Asian Aerospace is that Airbus has appointed the Aircraft Engineering Company Ltd (TAECO) as its first approved cabin-outfitter in Asia-Pacific and eight such centre worldwide.

The milestone appointment is an act of courage and faith on both parts and the result of three years of hard work behind the scenes training staff to exacting Airbus standards.

TAECO is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Ltd. (HAECO), specialising in heavy and line maintenance, freighter conversion, component overhaul, engineering design,  parts manufacturing and  training in Xiamen, Mainland China.

Outfitting business jet cabins, such as the Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) and A320 Prestige is a new venture for TAECO, which has already built a cabin mock-up to showcase its capability in the field. See image below.

TAECO’s CEO Patrick Healy said: “We are pleased to be approved as Airbus first completion centre in the Asia Pacific, which is a recognition of TAECO’s expertise and experience in the aircraft engineering field.”

He added: “Expanding into cabin completions for Airbus corporate jets is an important and exciting new business opportunity for us, and we look forward to receiving the first Airbus corporate jet to be fitted out at our completion centre.”

TAECO’s approval follows a complete Airbus audit of the company and its capabilities.  Airbus executive vice president, programmes, Tom Williams said: “Our customers expect a quality Airbus Corporate Jet from us, even when the cabin is outfitted by another company, and we are determined to help them achieve that, which is why we encourage them to choose an approved completion centre.”


Airbus was incredibly frank today about its plans for the region and the Taeco appointment. The agreement is not an exclusive one – Taeco is free to work with other OEMs. The airframer’s attitude was a refreshing change after my being booted out of an NBAA meeting (to which I had been invited) where the US association was discussing developing business aviation in Asia.

Having worked with the Asian Business Aviation Association – whom I find to be extremely cooperative and open – for several years now I was a little surprised at the Americans’ stance.


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  • David
    March 28, 2011

    Not sure how to contact you directly, but I thought this would work. I’m looking for a way to combine my professional experience in Information Security and system auditing with Aviation. I understand that corporate aviation departments need safety audits that I might be able to assist in. Perhaps you have some ideas? I’m also good at documenting processes, etc.

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