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Big Machs galore at NBAA 2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4uQa_ay0NHs Oh my God! So much news to use from the show so far…and it hasn’t even started yet. As usual Orlando is abuzz with the latest and greatest business aviation has to offer at the biggest show of the corporate aviation calendar. Video comes courtesy of the organisers, the US National Business Aviation Association – an organisation well worth joining for those of us involved in the industry. The show kicked off well with the Honeywell annual forecast, which bodes well for the next ten years. Huzzah! Highlights of the survey include:  Up to 9,450 deliveries of new business [...]

EBAA attacks safety threat posed by grey market

January 7, 2011 @ 22:33
by lizmoscrop
The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) does sterling work for the industry on many fronts, and here's hoping its latest campaign strikes fear into the heart of shysters who damage the legal market by operating potentially unsafe flights. President Brian Humphries recently contacted members, urging them to translate EBAA's safety concerns in 2010 into real action in 2011. He wrote: "Operating without a valid Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) and failing to comply with traffic rights are key concerns for many within the business aviation community. To help eliminate such practices, EBAA has developed a document entitled 'Is My Flight Legal. [...]

Passengers stymie midair hijack attempt

January 6, 2011 @ 13:34
by lizmoscrop
Not a business aviation post today, but  I was so delighted to see this story, that I wanted to post it. It shows that passengers are now prepared to take a risk to save their lives. Apparently one of the factors that made 9/11 possible was the fact that travellers had become so passive during air travel that the hijackers were able to take over the aircraft without opposition. It seems that people are now more aware - although obviously in this case thankfully there was no real threat. As a regular air traveller I'm pleased to see we are [...]

New year heralds plenty of Chinese takeaway for the West

January 4, 2011 @ 20:06
by lizmoscrop
So it's still all China, China, China in my inbox as the Western world eases into the New Year. Busy booking guest speakers for Asian Aerospace in Hong Kong - March 8-10 http://www.asianaerospace.com/. Also writing articles on business aviation in China for UK Aopa's GA Magazine, http://bit.ly/eG0UHc, Aviation International News http://www.ainonline.com, Corporate Jet Investor http://bit.ly/gTOHcW and Jet Gala magazine http://www.jetgala.com. There are interesting acquisitions afoot as leasing giants Minsheng Banking Corporation http://bit.ly/ezSEle start to carve out their territory with a likely fleet order of 10-15 business jets. Meanwhile fractional superstars NetJets Inc http://www.netjets.com will go into China with a 3-way JV, the first [...]

February 15, 2010 @ 11:42
by lizmoscrop
Reprieve for Coventry Airport? The BBC reported yesterday that beleaguered Coventry Airport may have won an extra lease of life. According to the news station, a Midlands-based company is looking at buying and taking over the running of the airport, Coventry council said. The airport is home to several flying schools, including Atlantic Flight Training Academy, sister company to Jordan's Ayla Aviation Academy - a powerful force in the business aviation field in the Middle East. Since the recent financial turmoil at the airport resulted airside operations stopping in December, Atlantic has repositioned its aircraft to nearby Wellesbourne Airport (15 [...]

Ocean Sky spreads its wings – again

January 11, 2010 @ 16:22
by lizmoscrop
Ocean Sky’s new chief executive officer Stephen Grimes has barely been in post three months, but has already made his ambitions clear. Part of his game plan is to quadruple the number of  fixed-base operations under the OS umbrella over the next year moving from three to 12. Today it has three  jet centres in the United Kingdom: Glasgow Prestwick, Manchester and Luton. “We are in advanced discussions to open new facilities in France, Spain, Italy and Ireland,” said Grimes. “Our plan is to have a chain of FBOs reaching from Ireland as far as Italy, eventually reaching out to [...]