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The Oshkosh virgin is deflowered

The Oshkosh virgin is deflowered

July 27, 2014 @ 04:55
by lizmoscrop

Arrive in style with fellow reporter pal James Wynbrandt in his Mooney over Lake Winnebago to land. Awesome. Park at the Weekes museum static and see loads of vintage stuff being prepped for the show. Alas Camp Scholler is miles away 🙁
before the off mooney winnebago

Young gent in golf buggy sees us wandering with suitcases, so picks me up and ferries me there. Waits while I get registered. Drives me to a spot next to Wifi, near to showers and store and site and totally lovely couple. Who help me pitch the tent and stake my spot. 


We drove via a group of south africans who invite me to pitch next to them as well. (Because I’m meeting up with another journo pal, who’ll be camping next to me later in the week and have strict instructions not to do so –  I don’t. They are seriously hard partiers. I’ll certainly be popping over for a visit though!)

Day winds up in Target quaffing much needed coffee and picking up my innards for the tent – sleeping bag, lantern, artificial pot plant etc. Driven here by golf cart buddy, who’s also loaned me his airbed and swung by to see if he could help me as Target’s on his way home. Now the Target employees are offering to drive me back to the site so I don’t have to pay for a cab. There’s a problem with returning my airbed, for which I now have no use, so Target give me the cash plus a ten dollar apology freebie card. Then the girl in Starbucks drives me back to the campsite and spends fifteen minutes locating my tent. Which has a flashlight left outside, left by the lovely couple next door. Who pop over to check I’m okay…

Day 2 – The magic of Osh continues.

cubby hole pretty selfie and seaplane


Everyone keeps being so lovely. Bumped into someone I know, who’s given me invites to some parties and to her booth tomorrow for free hat and sunscreen (to add to my collection of 3 hats and 5 pairs of shoes I’ve squeezed into the Wenzel). Meet Mooney ambassadors to introduce to James Wynbrandt and who invite me to visit their Californian place to learn about the museum they just built with the auctioned profits from the sale of their first new production aircraft for decades, the Mooney Acclaim.

So THEN I wander over to get a chicken salad from the A&W concession. And the lovely guy behind the counter hands me a free box of chicken nuggets while I wait. I couldn’t quite hear what he said, but murmured “thank you” thinking it’s the English accent that’s doing it, along with the sprit of Osh. I tucked in and devoured a piece.

and THEN a lovely young gentlemen behind me reached over and took the box and said ‘you’re welcome,’. I had actually stolen his food. Thanks to young James Soyk for forgiving my derelictions and laughing with, rather than at me.


Then Jeff Decker, who’s been storing a book I wrote ages ago for aeons turns up with copies of said book, drives me to Wipaire to see the seaplanes. I buy dinner. It’s the least I can do. Get taken back to the site and almost don’t want to go asleep now am having so much fun!



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